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The design ideas in this blog are for you to get inspired to help make your home a place that will be warm and cozy. I'm not a minimalist and love to be surrounded by beautiful things that did not cost a lot of money. My husband and I went to garage sales for 7 years until we couldn't bring anything else home because it wouldn't fit. I use to take people with me to the garage sales by their request because they wanted to learn how I found so many lovely things. It was a great adventure for them and they learned how to get in and get out fast. So I hope I will be able to help you too find things that look like you spent a bundle when in reality you got it for a song.....

Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Special at my Website designsbyjalex.net

On my Website we are running a Spring Special FREE SHIPPING on all purchases.  There's some fabulous original and one of a kind items there.  Please take a look and share the site with your friends and family.  http://www.designsbyjalex.net

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