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Monday, January 17, 2011

Lighting is Very Important to Your Design

I can't emphasize enough how important lighting is to your overall design.  Adding dimmers is the best way to control the rooms lighting.  It is better to be able to add more lighting if needed than to have those 100 watt light bulbs glaring around the room.  I adore lighting fixtures and would have more if I had room.  There's a lot to choose from out there so don't be skimpy with your lighting.

Light Fixture used in a Conservatory
 After the Conservatory was put in at the back of our former house we had an area above the doorway that needed lighting.  This is one of my favorite lighting fixtures.  It gives off a lovely amber colored light.

"Spot" light bulbs is the secret in getting this type of lighting.  It won't happen if you use "flood" bulbs

A nice Spot above this sofa brings it to life with a cozy feeling

If you have a spot-eye fixture above your fire place add a dimmer to it so you can control the amount of light

Lighting is tucked away everywhere in our home

We changed out the fixtures in all the bathrooms and added "spot" light bulbs

I'm not a fan of naked chandelier bulbs so I had to add shades and a dimmer to control the lighting

Just add a couple of candlestick lamps to a chest

This is a Bathroom Chandelier where I have added shades, extra crystals and a dimmer

See how nice a "spot" bulb can light up this carousal horse

Light up those stairways and add a light to artwork to enhance them

In this family room lighting was crucial in adding that golden glow

It is so cozy in this room and all the lighting was on dimmers

Adding Pendant lighting to an Island is great for beauty and functionality

Pendant Lighting was important in bring the mural behind it alive

Light up your seating with a "spot" light bulb using dimmers
Lighting from the windows as well as the room lighting makes this room bright and welcoming

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