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The design ideas in this blog are for you to get inspired to help make your home a place that will be warm and cozy. I'm not a minimalist and love to be surrounded by beautiful things that did not cost a lot of money. My husband and I went to garage sales for 7 years until we couldn't bring anything else home because it wouldn't fit. I use to take people with me to the garage sales by their request because they wanted to learn how I found so many lovely things. It was a great adventure for them and they learned how to get in and get out fast. So I hope I will be able to help you too find things that look like you spent a bundle when in reality you got it for a song.....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do It Yourself Projects

There are so many projects that you can do yourself around the house.  Painting your rooms on your own will save you tons of $$$.  I know it's not the most fun thing to do but after you learn how to do it right it will take you no time after that.  I'm the one who does the trim work only because I'm very meticulous about details.  My husband rolls all the large spaces.  When paint with materials you are unfamiliar with (crackling) it's best to do a test of the procedure on a test board.  We try to do everything ourselves unless it requires someone licensed.  The following pictures will show you some projects that can be done without too much trouble.

Add clouds to the ceiling in your Nautical Room
When you paint clouds on the ceiling you can accomplish this by using  a small paint roller with an extension pole.  You don't want to load up the roller with too much paint.  I just twisted and turned the roller until I got the effect I wanted.  I then painted some flying seagulls.  Have fun with it, it's only paint.

Here I purchased a roll of brick wall paper that was white.  I painted the grout lines with a couple of gray colors of craft paint.  I then used an orange and brown craft paint for the bricks.  I took a brown paint and diluted it with plenty of water a rubbed over the entire piece using a rag to dull the finish.  I place these in several areas of the kitchen to give that old exposed brick effect.

Here I just painted some bubbles on the wall above the ceramic fish...kind of cute.  I love to design with the unexpected.

Here you can label baskets using card stock paper, your label maker, a hole punch and  some raffia to tie in to the baskets.  I have baskets in the Master Bedroom closet to put all kinds of things.  You won't have to pull down those baskets every time you want to see what is in them anymore.  Baskets are your friend when it comes to storage solutions.

 I got this vase in a garage sale but didn't care for the paint that was on it so I got out my craft paints and went to work having fun turning it into something colorful and artsy.  Always look at the object not for what color it is but what color you can paint it to change it to fit into your decor.

This mirror was a garage sale find.  It was painted a Pepto Bismo  Pink.  I painted it red then applied gold leaf over the red paint.  It looks much prettier in person.  I loved the ornateness of the frame so I didn't let that ugly pink paint keep me from buying the item.

The dining room chairs that came with the set had white fabric on the seat.  Not only will white show all the dirt and grime it was not what I wanted for the chair color.  I purchased this beautiful decorator fabric from JoAnn Fabrics when they have their 50% off sale and recovered all of the chairs (8).  I was able to cover 2 chairs with 1/2 yard of material.  This is such an easy D.I.Y.  You will need a good staple gun.

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