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The design ideas in this blog are for you to get inspired to help make your home a place that will be warm and cozy. I'm not a minimalist and love to be surrounded by beautiful things that did not cost a lot of money. My husband and I went to garage sales for 7 years until we couldn't bring anything else home because it wouldn't fit. I use to take people with me to the garage sales by their request because they wanted to learn how I found so many lovely things. It was a great adventure for them and they learned how to get in and get out fast. So I hope I will be able to help you too find things that look like you spent a bundle when in reality you got it for a song.....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shopping at Costco for Furnishings

Over the years we have purchased a lot of our furnishings from Costco when they bring in their furniture twice a year.  I have shown you some of the finds we found there and you will be amazed at what you can get from this warehouse store if you keep your eyes opened.  You will get  great buys and  looks that will have people thinking you made your purchase from an upscale merchant.  It took us going to Costco often to check out what was coming in and being there when the new stuff arrived. 

We once purchased 4 of the same chair and had to go to 3 Costco's to get them all, they went like hotcakes.  My sister wanted to get some for herself but waited too long and they were all gone.  She wanted them in the worse way and now she is waiting  for me to tire of them so she can have them but it will be a VERY long time before I'm ready to give them up.

Shopping at Costco.com is the way to go also.  What I like about shopping there is they mostly have the shipping included in the price and if you don't care for what you purchased you can take it back to any of their stores without question.  It is nice to have the larger items delivered especially if you don't have the vehicle to take it home with you from the store.

In this blog I have shown you some examples of items we have purchased. We've been fortunate to have found so many great things.  With so many stores closing these days there just isn't a lot of stores to find furnishings especially at a great price.

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