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The design ideas in this blog are for you to get inspired to help make your home a place that will be warm and cozy. I'm not a minimalist and love to be surrounded by beautiful things that did not cost a lot of money. My husband and I went to garage sales for 7 years until we couldn't bring anything else home because it wouldn't fit. I use to take people with me to the garage sales by their request because they wanted to learn how I found so many lovely things. It was a great adventure for them and they learned how to get in and get out fast. So I hope I will be able to help you too find things that look like you spent a bundle when in reality you got it for a song.....

Monday, February 24, 2014

Coming Soon....Designs By J Alex Website

Update:  I'm working very hard trying to get every item inventoried in the new Website we're getting ready to launch.  I have made so many new items recently that they all have to be enter into the system.  I'm very excited about the new website and what it will offer you.  This past year has been nothing but creating new original and exciting merchandise.  I'm currently working on a new line that should be desirable for anyone carrying a tablet.  I will post the website as soon as we launch it.  Please visit it, I know you will find it fun and loaded with exciting one-of-a-kind things to buy.

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