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The design ideas in this blog are for you to get inspired to help make your home a place that will be warm and cozy. I'm not a minimalist and love to be surrounded by beautiful things that did not cost a lot of money. My husband and I went to garage sales for 7 years until we couldn't bring anything else home because it wouldn't fit. I use to take people with me to the garage sales by their request because they wanted to learn how I found so many lovely things. It was a great adventure for them and they learned how to get in and get out fast. So I hope I will be able to help you too find things that look like you spent a bundle when in reality you got it for a song.....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Below are some easy design ideas and D.I.Y. projects to use around your home. These are some of my personal favorites.....

Make a Shadow Box Memorial for your Loved Ones
Use a Outdoor Clock Indoors
Outdoor Clocked Used in Current Home
Use Curtains to Update a Bland Shower Stall

Use a Metal Wall Art Piece as a Room Divider
Add Lace to a Curtain That Was Too Short
Use Outdoor Fountains Indoors
Paint an Oak Staircase Railing Dark Chocolate Brown
Use Two Ottomans as a Coffee Table

Use A Chandelier in Your Master Bathroom

Crackle Finish an Oak Cabinet to Update the Look

Crackle Oak Cabinets and Add Hardware

Add a Storage Shelf in Bathrooms for Storage
Paint clouds on Ceiling

Use Outdoor Fencing Indoors

Use a Table Lamp on Your Island for Additional Light
Replace Contractor-grade Mirrors With Decorative Ones
Before Bathroom Mirror Upgrade
After an Upgrade for Bathroom
Before Framing Was Added to a Plain Mirror
After The Framing Was Added to the Mirror
Add Extra Hand Towels to Your Bathrooms

Before New Flooring Went Over Existing Laminate
After New Flooring was Added
Use Wall Space in a Hallway to Create a Family Picture Wall
Add a Basket Shelf in Laundry Room for Storage

Use Large Tassels
Use Curtains to Add a Decorate Look to doorways

Hang a Large Clock on a Large Mirror

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